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Aluminium Sulfate

Product Description

Aluminum sulfate (Chemical formula: Al2 (SO4) 3) is a widely used industrial reagents. Aluminum sulfate as a flocculant for the purification of drinking water and sewage treatment equipment which is also used in the paper industry.

Aluminium Sulfate Application

1.Paper making industry used as paper sizing agents,to enhance paper water--resistant

2. Soluble in water can make tiny particles and natural colloidal particles condensed into large floc, thus remove them from, therefore, used for water and wastewater coagulants.

3. Used for the cleaning agent, also used as a precipitating agent fixing agent filling agent.

4. Fire industry, with baking soda and foaming agent composition foam extinguishing agent.

5. Analysis reagent, mordant, tanning agent, oil decoloring agent, wood preservative.

6. For raw materials, used in the manufacture of artificial stone and senior aluminium ammonium sulfate, other aluminate.

Aluminum sulfate, which accounts for about 50% of the total output, is mainly used for papermaking, and the second is used as flocculant in drinking water, industrial water and industrial wastewater treatment, accounting for about 40% of the total output of aluminum sulfate. When aluminum sulfate is added to this kind of water, colloidal aluminum hydroxide flocs can be formed, which can absorb and precipitate bacteria, colloids and other suspended matters. When used in drinking water treatment, the color and taste of water can be controlled.

Packing and Storage

1. Lined with plastic bag, outer plastic film bags for packaging, bag weight of 25kg.

2. Stored in a cool, dry place, anti-sun and rain

3. Damp does not affect the use of effects. But do not let them try to damp, damp easily dissolved.

Technique Data

Specification of Aluminium Sulfate

ApperanceWhite Flakes
Content of AL2O3 ≥15.6
Insol. in water mass fraction % ≤0.15
PH(1% aqueous solution)≥3.0
Fe2O3 mass fraction/% ≤0.50
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