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Aluminum Hydroxide

Product Description

Aluminum hydroxide, chemical formula Al (OH) 3 is the hydroxide of aluminum. The appearance is white powder, which has good fluidity and high whiteness. Moreover, it can prevent smoke, drop and toxic gas, decompose easily in strong alkali and acid solution, and transform into alumina by heating, decomposition and dehydration. It is widely used in flame retardant additives of various aluminide raw materials, plastics, rubber and other flammable materials, papermaking, surface color materials, coatings, toothpaste base materials, catalyst carriers, water purification agents, fluorinated salts, desiccants, various types of molecular sieves, pharmaceutical industry, artificial agate, glass mosaic, building materials quick setting fillers, etc.

Product Application

Chemical substancesAluminium hydroxide (Al(OH)3)/ Industrial Grade
Appearancewhite powder
Packing25kg woven bag, 1000kg sack
Main featuresgood fluidity, high whiteness, can prevent fuming, no drops, no generation of toxic gases; soluble in strong acids/alkalis.
Range of applicationAs fire retarding additive of plastic, rubber etc.; basic materials in paper making, coatings and toothpaste; carriers of catalysts; also used in water purifier, fluorides, dyers, pharmacy, building materials etc.

Technique Data

Loss on ignition%34.5±0.5
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