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Nonionic Polyacrylamide

Product Description

Non ionic polyacrylamide is water-soluble polymer. Due to its molecular chain containing a certain amount of polar groups, it can through adsorption of solid particles,to condense into larger particles of floc properties. So, it can accelerate settlement, promote filtering and other effects. Mainly used in various industrial wastewater flocculating sedimentation, precipitate clarify processing. Such as papermaking and pulp wastewater wastewater treatment, the dressing and metal smelting process of wastewater treatment, steel and stone processing plant for the wastewater treatment, etc.


1. Good water solubility,can be completely dissolved in cold water.

2. Add a little of this non ionic polyacrylamide products, can be a tremendous flocculation effect. General simply add a 0.01 ~ 10ppm (0.01 ~ 10g/m3), can play its full role.

3.At the same time,using non ionic polyacrylamide products and inorganic flocculant (PFS, PAC, etc.), can show a larger effect.


Non ionic polyacrylamide, because it includes the follow function:

1. Clarification, purification,

2. Settlement;

3. Filter effect;

4. Thickening function and other effects.

In wastewater treatment, sludge concentration dehydration, dressing, coal washing, papermaking,can fully satisfy the requirements of various fields.

Method of Use

1. When using, match the concentration of aqueous solution into 0.1% to use neuter excluding salts sundry water advisable.

2. When dissolved, non ionic polyacrylamide products thrown into the water evenly, stirring speed controlled in the 100 ~ 300rpm. Appropriate heating (<60 ° C), can accelerate the dissolution.

3. Adjust the PH value of solution to be processed, so that non ionic polyacrylamide product fully play its role (through testing to choose the best PH value and the amount of the product.)

4. Adding non ionic polyacrylamide product into solution,should speed up the mixing, appear floc properties, slowing stir speed, to form floc properties and accelerate settlement.

Applicable scope

1. Have effects for the organic colloidal nodular suspended effects, can rapidly promote sludge dewatering filtering. According to the sludge dewatering properties choose corresponding model, when dehydrated not glue the filter cloth, high efficiency.

2. Used in organic wastewater treatment, such as eletroplate, printing and dyeing wastewater, alcohol, gourmet powder, sugar, meat products factory of wastewater, and urban water.

3. Used to make paper enhance and improve the intensity, such as in the papermaking process by adding PAM product, can pull the wet paper tension increased 10-20 times,dry paper tension increased by 50%, mainly For kraft paper, map paper, poster paper, photo paper.

4. Used for oilfield chemical agents.

Storage and Packaging

Solid products with polypropylene woven bag lined with plastic bag, net weight 25kg; this product are hygroscopic, must be sealed stored in a cool dry place, temperature is lower than 35 ℃. Scattered on the ground to avoid the solid product in order to prevent the products have enabled us to become slippery moisture.

Technical Data

Solid content%≥909090
Molecular weight(10000)1000-15001500-2000400-1000
Free monomer%≤
Water-soluble speed (hours)1-50.5-20.5-2
Degree of hydrolysis%≤520-2520-25
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